Women's Energy Network - Your Experience is Priceless.

What advice would you give your younger self when you were starting your career?

Several women in our company participated in WEN EXPO April 26-28 at the Marriott Marquis in Houston. The theme was Energy Resilience: Refueling Innovation. There were over 600 participants at the conference. WEN currently has over 4,000 members in chapters in Appalachia, Greater Atlanta, Chicago, Greater Colorado, Houston, New York, North Texas, Greater Oklahoma, Permian Basin, Greater Philadelphia, South Louisiana, South Texas and Washington, D.C. The conference showcased relevant/timely topics impacting energy professionals and corporations – both workplace and marketplace. Phillips 66 was a sponsor of the conference and an exhibitor at the EXPO on April 28 where we asked participants, "What advice would you give your younger self when you were starting your career?"

Experience is priceless, so learning from those who have been where you want to go is key. No matter what stage of your career you are in, the encouragement and advice below can help you take the next step towards reaching your goals.

Phillips 66 participants were: Morrisha Alexander, Lorena Aston, Amber Dolezal, Jane Gasdaska, Zhanna Golodryga, Christa Hagedorn, Cynthia Heinzer, Audra Higgins, Jackie Higgins, Leah Inkrott, Mary Kirkpatrick, Irina Kopponen, Meredith Lewis, Sunny Lopez, Shari Morris, Alison Nelson, Rachel O’Donnell, Livia Raman, Khayla Saville, Donna Walker, Emily Wilborn, Kathy Williams, and Carol Ziegler.