Phillips 66 receives EPA award

Phillips 66 is dedicated to being a good steward of the environment. For the Lake Charles Refinery and Phillips 66 Remediation Management, this commitment to preserving natural resources resulted in a special award from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

After completing the cleanup of Bayou Verdine in Westlake, Louisiana, project managers went further and created a self-sustaining green space.

The restoration was so successful that the EPA recognized our efforts with the “Greenovations Award” for outstanding environmental stewardship.

“They’ve gone beyond just complying with the law,” said EPA Region Six Division Director Carl Edlund, who presented the award on Oct. 13. “What they’ve done is restore this bayou to ecological standards. And they did so in a way that was sensitive to the environment.”

Phillips 66 is the first company in the oil and gas industry to receive the Greenovations Award.

Behind the bayou restoration

The idea for developing a habitat native to the southern Louisiana landscape came midway through the bayou cleanup. “Instead of creating another land farm with little ecological value, we worked with the EPA to design and construct a naturalized habitat,” said Chris McGowan, program manager, Phillips 66 HSE Remediation Management.

With the specialized help of planning and construction engineering firms, our Lake Charles Remediation Team stockpiled as much of the existing terrain as possible for repurposing after completion of the bayou cleanup. The team preserved logs, tree stumps, root wads and wetland plants like cattails and willows, and incorporated the flora into the ecological features along the new bayou area.

Additionally, they planted native grass and five species of wildflower seeds to encourage the repopulation of butterflies, honeybees and other beneficial pollinating insects.

Principles of the EPA Greenovations Award

The EPA developed the Greenovations Award to acknowledge people and organizations in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana that demonstrate exemplary efforts in green remediation and sustainability.


  • Innovation and creative thinking
  • Local community consideration and effect
  • Long-term environmental impact planning
  • Successful execution of green and sustainable practices
  • Demonstration of outstanding environmental stewardship