?Phillips 66 honors big rig professionals

Truck drivers move everyday goods that we all depend upon, and they are also integral to the Phillips 66 U.S. Marketing and Transportation segments.

Phillips 66 hosts annual events throughout the country in support of our company values and to recognize the efforts of our professional truck drivers. The most recent celebration took place during National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week at the Albuquerque Terminal in New Mexico.

Big Rig

To acknowledge their significant efforts, Phillips 66 held a cookout and raffled a ride in the Phillips 66 hot air balloon at the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival. Luis Morales of United Petroleum Transports won the drawing and took the hot air balloon ride with his wife during the event.

Like all Phillips 66 employees and contractors, truck drivers demonstrate our values of safety and operating excellence. Gordon Ellis, a driver who recently celebrated his 35th anniversary at Sentinel Transportation, jointly owned by Phillips 66 and DuPont, exemplifies this. During a routine safety procedure, he suggested additional measures at the Los Angeles Terminal that enhanced driver visibility, improved rack operations and, most importantly, reduced the risk of injury at the facility. Ellis' "all-hands-on-deck" approach to safety is a great representation of Phillips 66's core values.

"We got a call from another driver asking for help," recalled Ellis when asked about his team's commitment to safe operations. "He called us because he wanted to make sure that he was carrying out the right safety procedures. Right then and there, we were able to head over to his location and come up with a solution."

Big Rig

Ellis' commitment to safety did not go unnoticed by the Los Angeles Terminal staff. Gabe Munoz, who helped implement the Phillips 66 Los Angeles Terminal's safety reward program, explains the importance of recognizing employees who take the initiative to continuously improve. "Appreciation inspires not only emotional commitment but discretionary effort," said Munoz.

Phillips 66 is proud to honor professional drivers, not only for their significant role in executing our growth strategy, but for their profound impact on the domestic economy as a whole.