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Kickstart Values

As an alternative to taking traditional physical education classes, Phillips 66 Marketing Coordinator Moriah Chatman began training in martial arts as a child. “I didn’t want to run,” she laughs. Little did she know her training back then would give her a life-long love of the sport and set her on a path to professional success.

Chatman was a student with Kickstart Kids, a non-profit that teaches martial arts in place of PE in Texas schools. The program helps children set goals and develop discipline and confidence. Some 80,000 students have taken part since actor Chuck Norris and his wife founded the program in 1992.

Years later, Chatman has retained her commitment to the sport. “I earned my first-degree black belt at the age of 14. Most people see that as the end, but I’ve kept up my training and continued to earn rank,” says Chatman, who now has a third-degree black belt and is training for the next level.

If ever there was a sport that reflected the Phillips 66 value of commitment, it is martial arts. The elements required for the sport are the same needed to succeed at Phillips 66: discipline, respect, confidence, an open mind, and the drive for continued improvement.

“Martial arts prepared me for so many things in life and in business,” says Chatman. “I’ve become well adept at working with people of different backgrounds, ages, and levels of experience. I’m confident enough to deliver presentations, voice my opinions and lead initiatives that I’m passionate about.”

Through competition, Chatman also learned collaboration. In martial arts, she says, “we support each other’s development and celebrate each other’s successes. I love being able to carry that attitude into the workplace.”

Kickstart Values

Chatman credits her involvement in Kickstart Kids for instilling the discipline and character she needed to land the job and succeed by living out our company’s Vision and Values. Recognizing today what she gained from Kickstart Kids, she now gives back to the program so the next generation can learn lessons for success in martial arts, in school, in business, and in life.

After attending the University of Texas at Austin, Chatman returned to Houston to join TEAM KICKSTART, an international marketing initiative that travels and competes in the National Blackbelt League (NBL), spreading the Kickstart Kids mission.

Her team recently competed in the NBL World Championships. The 10 competitors won 25 awards, including seven world titles and one overall grand championship. Chatman herself won five awards -- including two world titles.

At Phillips 66, Chatman coordinates the 2013 Marketing Conference & Trade Show in Las Vegas and is the community outreach chair for the Black Employee Network. Commitment to her sport, commitment to the organization that developed her winning character, and commitment to Phillips 66 and her team – Moriah Chatman is an example of employees living out the company Vision and Values every day, in and out of the office.

Phillips 66 is a proud supporter of Kickstart Kids. If you’d like to learn more or get involved, visit them at www.kickstartkids.org.