?Exploring new growth opportunities underground

Phillips 66 set a pipeline construction record at the Houston Ship Channel recently by completing a 12,456-foot intercept drill under the channel – the longest in the world for this type of drill and size of pipe.

The new 18-inch diameter, bidirectional Sweeny to Mont Belvieu pipeline supports the company’s strategic growth projects on the Texas Gulf Coast, connecting the Sweeny Fractionator 1, Clemens Storage Caverns and Freeport Liquefied Petroleum Gas Export Terminal with the market hub in Mont Belvieu.

The connectivity the pipeline provides enables Sweeny to become a new natural gas liquids (NGL) market hub and gives Phillips 66 access to abundant supplies of propane that can be processed for export.

A few facts about the Sweeny to Mont Belvieu pipeline:

  • Products: Propane, butane and Y-grade NGL.
  • Pipe diameter: 18 inches.
  • Length of drill under the Houston Ship Channel: 12,456 feet.
  • Depth of drill below the channel: 200 feet.
  • Capacity: 180,000 barrels per day