New technology that could change the future of power generation

Reliable electricity is essential to economic growth and a modern society, yet rising demand for power combined with an aging U.S. infrastructure has led to more frequent outages.

At the Phillips 66 Research Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, scientists and engineers are developing a new generation of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) that run on natural gas. This technology could be used to provide on-site power for homes and businesses and ensure reliable power, even during grid outages.

Conventional fuel cells require hydrogen or extensive fuel processing. By using natural gas instead, Phillips 66 fuel cells can generate electricity 24/7 from an abundant, reliable and inexpensive fuel source. The technology could also complement our extensive Midstream businesses in natural gas gathering and processing.

As a diversified energy manufacturing and logistics leader, Phillips 66 invests in technology to help solve the world’s biggest energy challenges.

single-fuel-cell.pngInside a Phillips 66 SOFC:

  • Cells are ceramic plates that are less than 1/2 millimeter thick.
  • Each cell operates at approximately one volt.
  • Cells can run on accessible natural gas instead of hydrogen.
  • Cell operation is silent, eliminating the need for noisy generators.